Frequently Asked Questions
    I. Pricelist, Ordering, and Payment methods
  • 1. Do you have a price list for your machines?
  • 2. Do you accept credit cards?
  • 3. Do you accept installment purchases thru credit cards?
  • 4. Do you accept online credit card payments?
  • 5. Do you deliver and what are your other forms of payment?
  • 6. Are your machines available inside malls?
    IV. Didn't find what you're looking for? Please contact us, and we will gladly attend to your inquiries.

I. Price list, Ordering and Payment Methods

1. Do you have a price list for your machines?
Yes. For Metro Manila customers, you may contact our showrooms for details. If you're outside Metro Manila, you may email us with your location details, so we can locate a dealer nearest you.
2. Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we do accept credit cards as payment.

Manila Branch:  
Makati Branch:    

Provincial Dealers: Please contact your preferred dealer if they accept debit or credit cards.
3. Do you accept installment purchases thru credit cards?
Yes, we offer Zero Percent instalment for the following credit cards:

4. Do you accept online purchases?
Singer Sewing Machines for home use are now available at Lazada. For other machines such as "de padyak" or industrial sewing machines, please contact us.
5. Is financing available?
Yes, we do accept financing from 6 to 12 months thru our partner Aeon Philippines. Please visit their site for more information and requirements.
6. Are your machines available inside malls?
No, we are not available inside malls.

II. Special orders, Wholesale orders, and International Warranty

1. I am looking for a particular model of Singer Sewing Machine that you do not have, can I place a special order?
Unfortunately, we are unable to do that special order. However, while we do not have the exact model number that you are looking for, we should have a model with similar features available on our current product lineup.

Also, we constantly update our lineups, and if enough people ask for that particular model, we will seriously look into adding it to our product lineup. So please let us know and help us serve you better.
2. There are people online selling Singer Sewing Machines claiming it has “International Warranty”. Will you be honouring its warranty?
We encourage our customers to exercise caution. Our service and warranty only applies to machines purchased from our stores and affiliates. To ensure if it's covered, please feel free to contact us.
3. I have a machine bought from abroad, can you fix it?
We might be able to service it if it's a model we also carry. However, we do not offer voltage conversion.

III. Counterfeit Singer Sewing Machines

1. Counterfeit Singer Machines and MERRITT Brand
Singer Sewing machine is known for its de padyak design. It is such a timeless classic, that a lot of counterfeits are being sold for profit. We do urge our customers to be wary of these. If you have to own a classic piece, make it genuine.

We would want our valued customers to be aware of a local company selling Merritt Sewing Machines claiming that they are the same as original Singer Brand Machines. While Merritt brand is marketed in other countries, we choose not to sell this brand in the Philippines. Even if they own the trademark for the brand Merritt in this country, their machines are all FAKE Singer Machines, Low quality machines sold at a very high price. This purely customer deception and has to be avoided.

In short, all Merritt brand machines sold by that said local company are fake Singer Machines.
2. Counterfeit oil and other lubricants
We encourage our customers to only use original Singer oil, as using anything else may damage your equipment. Please refer to the image below as reference; any packaging variant is most likely a counterfeit.